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Nigerian doctor in the US shares how she cured over 350 COVID-19 patients with drug classifed as ineffective (video)

Doctor on COVID-19 cure

A female Nigerian doctor in the United States of America, Dr Immanuel, has countered scientific findings that Hydroxy-chloquine is not suitable for treatment of COVID-19.

The doctor who claimed she has treated over 350 elderly COVID-19 patients claimed that she is yet to lose a single patient to COVID-19 when she admisnisters Hydroxy-chloroquine which many doctors are shying away from for reasons best known to them.

She claimed that she has been warned severally to discontinue the use of Hydroxy-chloroquine but that she has defied the warnings because of the verifiable results the drug is producing.

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She went further to challenge those carrying out clinical research on Hydroxy-chloroquine to be more transparent as nobody needs to die from Coronavirus again.

See video below:    

Update (Tuesday 28th July, 2020, 1130PM Nigerian time): Video was taken down by Facebook and Twitter hours after it went viral on Tuesday 28th July, 2020.

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