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What some fans and well-wishers may not know about OGBONGE NEWS and its activities

Dear Friends,

Before I go ahead to introduce OGBONGE NEWS and it's emerging susbsidiaries to you, courtesy demands that I briefly introduce myself.

For those who don't know me, my name is Lordson Imokhai Okpetu, Senior Managing Partner, OGBONGE NEWS, and the face you'll be interacting with as a fan of OGBONGE NEWS.

I graduated from the University of Benin with a Bachelors degree. I joined SuccessDigest in 2007 and rose through the ranks to become the Associate Editor. I later joined Concise News as the pioneer Editor-in-chief in 2016 where I led a team of young digital journalists to grow the online newspaper, earning 7 figures/month in ads revenue two years after launch.


OGBONGE NEWS is a child of neccessity. My partner and I initially set it up as a staging platform to test new digital publishing ideas and techniques [we had many of them] before rolling them out in real life. 

However, the impact of COVID-19 on media worldwide opened our eyes to the fact that there was no better time to pool resources together and focus primarily on growing our brain child as an independent newsroom. 

The rest, like they say, is history; and here we are today 4 months into our journey.

We are proudly a community newspaper and not in any hurry to become a national daily. 

We are contented with being a community newspaper, and only expanding into new territories after consolidating on the territories where we currently operate in.

OGBONGE NEWS (Edo) - https://edo.ogbongenews.com

Four months after opening for business in Lagos State on February 14th, 2020, OGBONGE NEWS expanded into Edo State 

Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

Meaning, we now report Lagos and Edo States news. 

We are, however, seeking partnerships with 'inspired content creators' in FCT, Ogun, Rivers, Kano, Oyo and Delta States for the next phase of our expansion. We have the partnership models designed already. Interested qualified persons can contact us on Whatsapp about this. 

More on this later...


Anybody that has gone deeply into digital publishing business like I've done can attest to the fact that times have changed and newsrooms can no longer solely depend on adverts revenue like in the past.

This situation informed our decision to set up Ogbonge e-Store where we and our partners list a number of modern and novel electronic devices for sale. The additional revenue we scrape together from our e-store go a long way to cover up for dwindling advert revenues. 

We, therefore, want to seize this opportunity to implore our fans, supporters and well-wishers to patronise our e-shop as it's very secured for online transactions. 

Every transaction on Ogbonge e-Store is backed by our iron-clad integrity and Paystack's ever-reliable online payment architecture.  

OGBONGE fundraising project

Community reporting just like any other form of reporting is a bit capital intensive and there's no way we can fund this project alone without your support.

If you like what Ogbonge News is trying to achieve; reporting otherwise-overlooked community news, please donate to support our activities. No amount is too small and no amount is too big.

OGBONGE NEWS fans loyalty reward program

Depending on availability of funds/sponsors/adverts revenue, we shall be initiating a fans/readers loyalty program to reward the most active readers for a set period of time.

Lagos residents are advised to contact us on Whatsapp to make known their interest to be part of our readers club in Lagos state. Gudielines to enter for the reward program will be unviled in our whatsapp group for fans.

We implore business owners to make some of their products available as gift items to give away to our most loyal and committed readers.

Prospective advertisers

If you have products and/or services that depends heavily on patronage from Lagos residents, then why continue paying so much to advertise to a national audience who, due to distance, may not be able to patronise you, when you can pay a fraction of that amount to reach your specific audience here in Lagos State?

Stop wasting your advertising budget...email: [email protected] for our advert rates.

Who can benefit from advertising on Ogbonge News

- Lagos-based Schools, 

Lagos-based Churches,

- Lagos State government ministries and parastatals, 

- Lagos State local government councils,

- Lagos-based Microfinance banks, 

- Lagos-based hotels and night clubs,

- Lagos-based realtors

- Lagos-based eateries,

- Lagos-based spas, beauty salons, gyms, boutiques,

- Lagos-based artisans

- Lagos-based event organisers

- Lagos State political office seekers; from councilors, local government chairman, state house of assembly, federal house of assmbly and governorship candidates. 

 - Any Lagos-based businesses/organisation that depend on Lagosians for patronage.

I welcome suggestions too. If you have partnership/sponsorship or other suggestions, feel free to shoot me your thoughts here.

Connect with Ogbonge News on Whatsapp
Do you have newsworthy Lagos info for us or would want to be updated about latest Lagos news as they break? If yes, then connect with us on Whatsapp - 0905 719 7318 

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