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Heads to roll in Police force as names of officers lined up for demotion, dismissal leaks out (see full list)


A list purportedly submitted by the Presidential Panel on Police Reforms has leaked out and went viral online Saturday afternoon.

OGBONGE NEWS reports that the list includes names and service numbers of 47 officers alleged to have been recommended for dismissal, demotion, or warning.

The most prominent names on the list are Abayomi Shogunle and Dolapo Badmus.
Abayomi Shogunle was a former head of the Police Public Complaint Unit (PPCU) while Badmus a former spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command and later the Zone Two Command.

However, spokesman for the Police Service Commission (PSC), Ikechukwu Ani, said the news of police officers dismissal/demotion could not be true since the Commission is yet to meet.

“The Commission did not sit yesterday and I am not aware of any dismissal. The Commission meets officially before any decision is taken and it has not met,” he told TheNation on Saturday.

Below is the full list of names of officers rumoured to be affected by the purported shake-up in NPF:

1. Abayomi Shogunle, AP No, 42056; 
2. Dominic Agasa, AP No, 120397; 
3. Nanbol Lado, AP No, 51071; 
4. Ogalgu Tochuckwu, AP No, 190655; 
5. Sanusi Rasaki, AP No, 57052, 
6. Fakorede Victor, AP No, 41985; 
7. Dolapo Badmos, AP No, 87058.
8. Abdulhameed Awodi, AP No 119444; 
9. Erhabo Uwagbie, AP No 86180; 
10. Idolor Godsent, AP No 158580; 
11. Mustpha Abubakar, AP No 119167; 
12. Idoko, AP No 85036; 
13. Ilya Aliyu, AP 94982; 
14. Asabe Luke, AP No, 130296; 
15. Angela Akaro, AP No, 50829.
16. Iyanda Olufemi AP No, 122857; 
17. Gajere Taluwai, AP No, 50569; 
18. Ehis Oba, AP No, 129595; 
19. Edem Michael, AP No, 1256967; 
20. Agha AMA, AP No, 119535; 
21. Yusuf Lateef, AP No, 36725; 
22. Eliaz Casmir, AP No 57688; 
23. Oluwafunmilola, AP No, 122864; 

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24. Mkay Ali, AP No, 111702.
25. Ado Doko, AP No, 46664; 
26. Sani Muhammad, AP No, 50679; 
27. Adamu Shaba, AP No, 140320; 
28. Adamu Bunu, AP No, 42565; 
29. Giade Sabo, AP No, 50579; 
30. Dattijo Abdullahi, AP No, 87072; 
31. Yahaya Shem, AP No, 86216; 
32. Tijani Richard, AP No, 46670; 
33. Nwamanna Nelson, AP No, 46675.
34. Henry Kaboshio, AP No, 50431; 
35. Talba Mohammed, AP No, 119579; 
36. John Rotimi, AP 57622; 
37. Oviemuno Richard, AP No, 87501; 
38. Anonde Christopher, AP No, 90934; 
39. Godwin Agbo, AP No, 95853; 
40. Dr. Emmanuel Eze, AP No, 50282.
41. Hassan Hamidu, AP No, 118063; 
42. Theresa Nuhu, 59661; 
43. Yisa Gana, AP No, 47717; 
44. Ekong Sunday, AP No, 63069; 
45. Oboh Irene, AP No, 145355; 
46. Okoukoin Daniel, AP No, 181311; 
47. Ogedegbe Abraham, AP, 86152.

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