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Lekki toll gate shooting: BBC report negates CNN allegations, corroborates Nigeria Army's claims (video)

A BBC report on the events that occured at Lekki toll Gate has countered CNN reports that men of Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful protesters.

The report by BBC reporter Damilola Banjo who was present at the scene of the incident when millitary men happened claimed that the millitary men who were drafted to Lekki toll gate shot in the air to disperse the crowd.

The report, though aired a day after the shooting, was recently obtained by OGBONGE REPORTERS.  

You will recall that CNN in it's report on Wednesday claimed that it is evidences that millitary men did not only shoot in the air, but also shot at the peaceful protesters.

Damilola who works for BBC Pidgin and was livestreaming the protest alonside her editor, however, claimed the only casualty she saw while crawling away from scene of the incident was a terrified man struggling to breath probably from the shock of the gun shots being fired in the air.

Nigerian Army has repeatedly claimed that its men fired rubber bullets into the air to disperse the protesters who were determined to 
flout the curfew imposed on Lagos State by Gov. Babajide Sanwo-olu that same day.

Claims by multiple credible sources, including DJ Switch and a protester interviewed by CNN, have inadvertently placed a big question mark on men of Nigerian Police Force as those responsible for shooting at protesters.

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Men of Nigerian Police were reported to have arrived the scene after the army left and continued shooting till morning.

This was also corroborated by same BBC reporter Damilola Banjo, who, next morning after the shooting, visited the scene of the incident to see for herself the aftermath of the shooting incident but met men of Nigerian Police Force (mobile unit) shooting sporadically 
into the air for several minutes.  

See video of the BBC report below:

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