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Thanks for indicating interest to advertise with Ogbonge News, Lagos State most-read community news site.

If your business is based in Lagos and depends on Lagosians for patronage, then rejoice because we have the audience you need to grow your business. 

For many years, advertsing has been a big problem for many local and location-based businesses in Nigeria.

A few who could afford it try to advertise in national dailies every now and then with little or no retrurns to show for it.

Then comes in Ogbonge News with its community reporting and location-specific advertising opportunities for local businesses.

Why continue paying so much to advertise to a national audience who, due to distance, may not be able to patronise you, when you can pay a fraction of that amount to reach your specific audience here in Lagos State?

Stop wasting your advertising budget...email: [email protected] for our advert rates.

Strategic partnership

It does not end there, we at Ogbonge News are more concerend about the success of your business than just patronage. For this reason, we treat our advertisers as strategic partners and always suggest strategic ways for them to showcase and grow their business as soon as we spot one.

Who can benefit from advertising on Ogbonge News

- Schools, 

- Churches,

- Lagos State government ministries and parastatals, 

- Lagos State local government councils,

- Microfinance banks, 

- Lagos-based hotels and night clubs,

- Lagos-based realtors

- Lagos-based eateries,

- Lagos-based spas, beauty salons, gyms, boutiques,

- Lagos-based artisans

- Lagos-based event organisers

- Lagos State political office seekers; from councilors, local government chairman, state house of assembly, federal house of assmbly and governorship candidates. 

 - Any Lagos-based businesses/organisation that depend on Lagosians for patronage.

Ad blindness & Ad blockers

We have perfected ways to get around the two major challenges plaguing Lagos advertisers; ad blindness and ad blockers. Talk to us…[email protected]

Advertising solutions

– Banner ads

– Video ads

– Wallpaper ads

– Advertorials

Celebrants' Shout-out

 Text ad links

– Talk to us for customized solutions like featured documentaries for state/local govt, ministries, agencies, politicians, schools, and corporate entities.

Contact our sales team for our advert rates: [email protected]

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